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12 Times Tables


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Use our primary, curriculum based, maths lesson worksheets online or download and print

Including 12 times tables, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication,
fractions, decimals, percentages and word problems.

Use directly on the Interactive White-Board in the classroom to combine Maths with ICT.

Primary Maths Worksheets, tests and lesson activities are randomly created, to help pupils develop the number skills they need to solve maths problems (raising attainment levels across schools).

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12 Times Tables - practise then test your times tables in order before you start to develop the skills to recall them randomly, including their related division facts. Once you can accurately recall a times table you then need to move onto rapid recall by testing yourself against the clock. We have three levels of timer, so as you get quicker you can decrease the timer.

Arithmetic skills - practise your basic arithmetic skills that are required for the primary maths curriculum, including: number bonds, times tables, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages.

Maths worksheets & lessons - use our online, randomly generated, primary maths worksheets, ideal as a starter activity for a lesson or to practise your maths skills at home. Simply answer the question/s then reset to get another question. Alternatively you could print one of our many printable maths worksheets, including the Times Tables resources above.


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